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Business Formation, Planning, & Operation Assistance for Northern

Colorado Entrepreneurs

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Whether a sole proprietor, corporation, partnership, joint venture, or limited liability company, we provide counseling at the inception of business endeavors and during their operational life to evaluate, document, and structure business entities and relationships for the best business outcomes.There are lots of little things that go into running a business, and we provide assistance to many businesses and business owners on a variety of business issues, from tackling simple challengesto developing complex strategies.

Our business lawyers provide Northern Colorado residents with a wide range of contract and transactional services, often assisting with asset purchases or sales agreements between members or shareholders, or the unwinding or expansion of existing business relations.

We want you to understand your options and prepare an entity focused on your business and financial goals. We explain complex contracts, corporate documents, and operating agreements in plain, understandable terms so that you can choose what you actually intend.

We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation.

Our attorneys work with you and your accountant to identify key issues and objectives, and to evaluate preferred options and alternatives. While we will use technology and templates to increase efficiency, we do not believe in selling you a “packaged” form document.

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Qualified Bankruptcy Attorneys in Northern Colorado

Whether it’s a crisis in your business or your personal finances, it’s important to know all of your options. Here at Bell, Gould, Linder & Scott, P.C. of Fort Collins, CO our bankruptcy attorneys understand that it can be difficult to discuss these matters but we want you to know that overcoming debt doesn’t need to be the end of the world. Really.

With sound legal counsel, you can come away feeling as though you really are “starting fresh.”

We regularly counsel and assist business and individual clients in financial workouts—restructuring using bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy alternatives, or a combination of both. If you have no current claims, but are concerned about protecting what you have earned, we can also work with you to protect assets from unknown future creditors.

We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation.

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Zealous Advocacy in Court from Our Civil Litigation Attorneys in Northern Colorado

Sometimes you just can’t avoid conflict. Resolving a business dispute requires an objective mind and an advocate on your side.

Whether by negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or civil trial, we work with clients to resolve claims and disputes, ranging from simple contract and lease disputes to complex construction, real estate, and bankruptcy matters involving varied interests and multi-layered claims and defenses.

We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation.

Talk to us about the business and financial issues facing you and your business. Our goal is cost-effective advocacy and clear, understandable advice.

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Environmental & Natural Resources Lawyers in Northern Colorado

On behalf of our clients, we keep our finger on the pulse of local and regional activity in environmental and natural resources matters, and are prepared to assist local governments, NGOs, businesses, and individuals with their specific needs in these fields of law. Our attorneys have a keen interest in water rights, mining, and oil and gas development including lease review, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) operations, mineral title examination, and rulemaking and enforcement actions at the local, state, and federal levels. We also have a passion for environmental protection to include air and water quality, wildlife, and land conservation.

Our commitment to our environmental and natural resource clientele is to listen to their specific needs, identify and consider with them their options, and then to focus our knowledge, energy, skills and the legal resources at our disposal to assist them in reaching their goals.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation.

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Estate Planning for Residents of Northern Colorado

Estate planning is about more than what happens to your estate when you’re gone. It is about developing strategies to protect, use, and enjoy what you have while living, including if you suffer a disability. It is also about passing on your legacy to the persons or causes you intend to benefit, and not unintended in-laws or creditors.

It is about planning for your own affairs when you are unable to direct them. It is about protecting the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of yourself and your family. It is about people, families, and futures.

Administration of estates is also about the people involved. We work with trustees or personal representatives to foster communication with all interested parties, and, to the extent possible, pursue collaborative and family based probate of will and administration of trusts.

We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our Fort Collins, CO office directly to schedule an estate planning consultation.

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Our Municipal Lawyers Serve Communities throughout Northern Colorado

Our firm provides a full range of legal services to our municipal clients. We are privileged to serve as town attorneys for the towns of Milliken, Ault, Nunn, and Grover and are the prosecutor for the Town of Berthoud. In addition, in the past our firm has served as general counsel to the North Front Range Transportation and Air Quality Planning Council (also known as the North Front Range MPO).

We have served as special counsel to the Towns of Windsor and Wellington. In addition, we routinely provide services relating to special districts and other quasi-governmental entities.

Our team of attorneys is multidisciplinary in nature, regularly counseling our municipal clients in a wide range of areas including general municipal law, human resources, zoning and land use, litigation and litigation avoidance. The fact that we serve the business community as well allows us to bring a business viewpoint, addressing economic reality and economic development on behalf of our governmental clients.

Whether as general counsel or special counsel for specific projects, Bell, Gould, Linder & Scott, P.C. can assist in all phases of municipal and other local governmental operations.

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Real Estate

We advise landowners, developers, governmental entities, and contractors on a variety of contract and real property issues, including boundary disputes, foreclosures, and title issues. Working closely with property managers and tenants, our firm assists with rental property management, lease development and negotiation, and landlord/tenant and owner/agent issues.

We advise construction professionals concerning construction contracts and mechanic’s lien rights. We assist buyers, sellers, and brokers in purchases and sales of real property. We also counsel property owners and developers about vacant and improved real property acquisitions, development, and permit approvals.

From annexation to subdivision to site plan review and permit approval, the members of our firm have worked closely with the planning, building and engineering departments of Larimer County, Weld County, and the communities of Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, and Eaton, as well as others.

Our attorneys have addressed a wide variety of land use law related issues, including development rights and development agreements, special use approvals, zoning, variances, and building permits.

We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss with you your specific legal needs. Please contact our office directly to schedule a consultation.

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